*** Education is the ability to meet life's situations.***

________Education is the ability to meet life's situations.______

separate play area for juniors




Apart from a ball pool, sand pit and plunge pool,DPS is the first school in region to have a dedicated indoor playground in its play area.part from the fact that kids are exuberant, carefree and energized when they are engaged in an activity, All childrens’ toys in DPS Kaithal are imported and all of them meet and exceed all British, American and European standards for toy safety.

We ensure toys are free from hazards of choking, free of toxic substances such as Phthalates or PVC, fire-retardant, free from sharp edges/points that could cut/puncture a child’s skin



the development benefits of play area :- 

  • Life lessons: When children are engaged in play, they are presented with certain situations, interactions and challenges. As they develop competencies in these areas, they are honing the same social, mental and physical skills they’ll need in other aspects of life.
  • Physical fitness: Traditional school playgrounds & organised PE sessions all encourage predictable forms of play and interaction, often following rules. Universal’s dynamic play area encourages kids to be creative and participate in “exploratory” play, role-playing and other imaginative activities.
  • All round development: Children who regularly engage in active play are more likely to be happy, physically fit and possess superior verbal and social skills — all traits that will serve them later in life.


Admissions starts for the SESSION 2020-21. Come Fast.

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